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Mission of Drive Green, Inc.

Drive Green is a modern concept which means:

  • to keep a car running safely and efficiently
  • to save time and money with preventive car care
  • to conserve the natural resources of the earth and reduce pollution by driving an environment friendly motor vehicle.
The Drive Green, Inc. promotes preventive auto maintenance and repair. It contributes the state-of-the-art technology to our vehicle owners and help them drive green.

Currently, we are developing new technology for automatic tire inflation. Our new products -  the Drive Green™ one-shot tire inflator and the Easy-Inflation™ wand - are going to the market. These magic devices provide to you a smart, easy, quick and accurate tire inflation.

It is easy to use. Simply connect the device onto a tire valve stem and then inflate the tire as usual. It is also "intelligent" because the inflation can automatically start if the initial tire pressure is lower than the preset pressure level of the inflator. Once the actual tire pressure reaches the preset pressure level, the inflation will automatically stop. So, you can always get the correct tire pressure in just one shot! No trial and error! No gauge needed! Never worry about under-inflating, over-inflating or blowing out your tires!

The Drive Green, Inc. is developing repidly. There are a lot of terrific business opportunities. To become an investor, dealer, or sales representative, please contact us for further information.


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