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Easy-Inflation Wand Tire Inflator 

The patented Easy-Inflation™ wand is a fully automatic tire inflating device with a beautiful brass housing. It has an air inlet on one end, and an air outlet on another end that needs to be connected to the valve stem of your tire. Four display windows make it easy to see the red line indicating that the correct tire pressure has been reached. Each wand is preset at the factory for the tire pressure recommended for your vehicle.

The operation is simple. All you need to do is screw the Easy-Inflation™ wand on the tire valve (see Picture 1) and inflate the tire as usual (see Picture 2). The inflation will automatically start if the initial tire pressure is low, and it will automatically terminate once the actual tire pressure reaches the preset pressure level of the wand. Unlike air relief valve, the Easy-Inflation™ wand shuts off the air flow completely at the preset pressure without air loss.

With the Easy-Inflation™ wand, you will always have the correct tire pressure, and never again worry about under-inflation, over-inflation or blowing out your tires! With fully automatic action, inflating tires will no longer be an annoying chore. You can now enjoy the convenience of the Easy-Inflation™ tire wand, and get rid of your old "trial and error" inflating devices.

Buy it now and inflate your tires regularly by following the proper procedures:

  1. Remove your tire valve cap.
  2. Screw the air outlet end of the Easy-Inflation™ wand onto the tire valve stem. You may hear air leaking until the wand is appropriately seated. This is normal. Keep screwing the wand onto the valve stem until the air leaking noise disappears. There is no need to over-tighten and doing so could damage the valve stem.
  3. Check the initial tire pressure through one of the four display windows. If you see the red line in the center of the window, the tire pressure is OK. Otherwise the tire needs inflation.
  4. Inflate the tire by pressing an air chuck onto the inlet end of Easy-Inflation™ wand. You may hear a hissing sound indicating the flow of air into the tire. As the tire pressure reaches the preset level, the Easy-Inflation™ wand stops air flow into the tire automatically and the hissing sound disappears.
  5. Remove the air chuck and check to make sure that the red line on the brass rod is now in the center of the display window. (If not, you should inflate the tire again.)
  6. Remove the wand after you make sure the tire pressure is OK.
  7. Replace the tire valve cap.

Good job!

  • For fixed preset pressure, add the Easy-Inflation™ wands to Cart:

    You should buy the wand that is preset to the tire pressure specified by your auto maker. For example, tires specified as requiring 32 psi need a wand preset to that pressure. Sometimes, the front and rear tires require two different air pressure levels, and you need to buy two wands to meet both requirements.

    $19.95 Fixed 20 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 21 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 22 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 23 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 24 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 25 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 26 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 27 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 28 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 29 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 30 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 31 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 32 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 33 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 34 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 35 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 36 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 37 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 38 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 39 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 40 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 41 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 42 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 43 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 44 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 45 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 46 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 47 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 48 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 49 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed 50 PSI

    $19.95 Fixed >50 PSI

    (You can write down each specific pressure value and quantity later in the field of Special Instructions. )


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