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Tools for beginner or basic skill level

With the basic tools, you can check the coolant, oil, battery and other fluid levels. You can also check the tire pressure, and change the oil and filter. 

Tools for intermediate skill level

With the average tools, you can tune-up engines, replace belts, hoses and shocks.

  • jacks
  • drive-on ramps
  • safety stands
  • bench vise
  • workbench
  • inspection mirror
  • wire wheels
  • socket set
  • thickness gages
  • brake adjusting tool
  • hex-key wrenches
  • terminal crimper or stripper
  • soldering gun
  • timing light
  • oil filter wrench
  • tread depth gauge
  • fender covers
  • fire extinguisher
  • first aid kit
  • grease gun
  • funnels
  • magnet
  • ruler
  • putty knife or scraper

Tools for advanced or professional skill level

With advanced tools, you can perform major engine tune-up, re-line brakes, replace a bad muffler, or repair body damage.

  • battery charger
  • volt - amp - ohmmeter
  • tubing tools
  • screw extractors
  • taps, dies, thread file
  • pullers
  • power tools
  • compression tester
  • bench grinder
  • continuity tester
  • torque wrench

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